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I've been missing London a little bit recently. I'm not sure what that means, because I know for a fact that I am much more content where I am now than I was in London and that I was quite tired of it by the end, to be honest, but now I kind of miss it. Maybe because I was pretty much on my own, had few connections with other people, and the city itself held no warmth for me, but it had novelty and beauty and seemingly infinite places to be explored (also, good food. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.) . I've been pondering recently about the benefits of loving people. And it's hard, because as much as we give each other hope and love and happiness, we also break each other's hearts with depressing accuracy and ease. Not necessarily on purpose, but just by our very nature as mortal beings. And that's sometimes hard to bear. 

In mundane news, I hate packing because I'm always terrified I've forgotten something but regardless I'll be getting on a plane to toddle over to Boston tomorrow, where I will FINALLY WATCH THE REICHENBACH FALL. 

Points: 1. I have gotten really into Sherlock fandom. Like into fandom in such a way I thought wasn't possible anymore (for whatever reason) since Inception and Arthur/Eames. 2. For whatever reason, this time I'm really into Mycroft/Lestrade and whatever, Lestrade is a silver fox. 3. I am ridiculously and logic-bendingly excited for it and OF COURSE it's the one that you can get super spoiled by and OF COURSE I am really bad at not spoiling myself. Like I checked twitter, saw a tweet from Mark Gatiss post-episode and went GAAAAAH and covered my eyes, automatically checked tumblr on accident and saw a post from someone and went GAAAH and covered my eyes, then checked bloody facebook and someone posted about Sherlock. FRUSTRATIONS. 

Not only must I refrain from watching it, but I must also refrain from visiting any. social. media. Except for posting to livejournal, and email. 

If you're wondering why I'm waiting, it's because I told my girlfriend I was going to watch it with her (she hasn't seen any of the new season, so we may have to watch all of the previous episodes beforehand. not like that's a hardship or anything). To my knowledge this isn't a request on her part, I'm just needlessly torturing myself because up until now I seem to have treated watching Sherlock like some kind of shameful secret and watched it alone (first viewings, subsequent viewings with others), and I thought I would...try... something.. different. 

I don't even know. I probably just need someone there so I don't actually bawl my eyes out like a babychild. Or scream at the laptop. Or watch Lestrade's appearances on repeat. 

(it is nice to be so consumed with it, though. It sops up my rampant emotions like a soul paper towel.)


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Jan. 16th, 2012 04:58 am (UTC)
me too. and i really want some more mumford & sons, so this week.
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