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Mr. Blue Sky

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I am SO MANY THINGS that it is difficult to decide what to put on here. So let me tell you a little bit about what I post about:

College. It eats up my time like no other. I'm a Bio major but a liberal arts student at heart, which means my interests are spread far and wide. My friends and I have a penchant for watching movies in our dorm on weekends, or going into Boston to hang out.

Food. I love food, I love it so bad I have written whole posts about it. I especially love Asian cuisine, specifically: Chinese, Japanese, and Indian. Although I could never say no to a good Italian meal.

Life. My parents are a big part of my life, my friends, obviously.

Animals. I AM OBSESSED WITH THINGS THAT MOVE. That are not plants. Though I like plants too.

Random rambles...I do that a lot actually.

Sketchblog: slipshodscribs

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