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somewhere only we know

 I'm sick (possibly still feverish, but I can never tell and after a lifetime of convincing my mother I was feverish and too sick to go to school when my temperature turned out to be completely normal, and also the opposite, I honestly can't really tell if I have a fever or not. Without a thermometer. Which I haven't bothered to buy, because I'm not hallucinating or incoherent so I'll be FINE.). 

Less than a month until I'm back in the states. I'm really ready to go. I don't know why, exactly. It's not like I'll be going back home, or to Wellesley, or anywhere I'll recognize. It's not generally like me to be dissatisfied with my current circumstance, either. And I think I'll have a lot of hard work, if the mock research proposals on the sakai (well at least something is familiar) website Rutgers put up for us are anything to go by. THOSE WERE A LOT OF PAGES. AND THEY HAVE TO BE DONE IN THE FIRST WEEK. But I'll be doing stuff related to BIOLOGY again, which, let's face it, I haven't really done this semester. This semester wasn't really an ace academic semester, nor an ace social semester. But it was a great learning semester in other ways, and by that I mostly mean visiting more museums than ever and seeing so many places in England with my friends and family. and LONDON. Good gosh London. And I mean, it's not like I was expecting anything else, really. I didn't go to London for the academics or the clubbing or to blossom into a better version of myself... I think Wellesley's already helped that (except for the word "blossom", oh dear, no thank you). I guess I just took for granted the feeling of being at home I get from Wellesley, assuming I could find it anywhere. And I know I have conveniently forgotten a lot of the small things that frustrated me about Wellesley + the difficult classes, but I'll have my idealized dreams until training starts..
I think I'll be happy to be back in the states, regardless. There are many reasons why I believe this to be the case but one of them is BIOLOGY + hopefully ACTUALLY INTERESTING  WORK. Another is PHONE CALLS. I don't even talk on the phone that much in the states anymore (except with my parents, so that will be nice), it's just the fact that I will have that ability. And texting. And, um, everything will be cheaper, by which I mean it will be NOT  IN POUNDS.
So, yeah. I'm ready to go back. London, you're great, you're cultural, I am so much more confident walking alone in the street in a city,  but I'm ready to go somewhere else. Which means I should probably sleep so that I can start my lovely FULL DAY OF PLANT STUDYING tomorrow! I thought I was gonna use today for studying too, but apparently my immune system decided hacking up a lung would be more appropriate, and who am I to argue with my own body? I hope I'll improve by tomorrow, though, or else I'll have to resort to meds so's I can take an exam on Monday. 
UNI LIFE. It is exciting. 

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